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Build better digital experiences for your web3 audiences

Data-driven insights to understand and engage users with wallets. Addzest is Hotjar for Web3.

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Built for web3 marketers


Understand your web3 audience

Complete user profiles on every customer.

  • Understand your users, not just single wallets. Append multiple wallets, across chains, into complete user profiles.

  • The world is more than just whats on-chain. Understand 1000+ web3 and web2 data touch points on every user.

  • Analyse your web3 users without them even having to connect a wallet.

AddZest data tags
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Analyze your users

Choose from a variety of dynamic on-chain and off-chain tags to create segments on your audience.

Analyse these segments and use them for targeting with specific campaigns.


Engage through targeted feedback

Collect targeted feedback and trigger personalized massages, across the entire web3 journey.

Targeted feedback

Personalized offers

Onboarding help

Collect targeted feedback from valuable users

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The easiest tool to use in the market 
  • Monetize your users with just a few lines of code and a 30 second install

  • Available for whitelabel & API


Ex-PM at Metamask

"AddZest will unlock the power of web3 analytics, giving agency back to consumers, and enable merchants to provide deeper personalization and more impactful customer journeys."
Our clients are multichain. And so are we.
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